File:Flag-Hydephiilan AirForce-normal.svg

The Roundel of Hydephiilan Air Force is a symbol used on Gammetan air craft and other assets which allows the national identification for the Hydephiilan Air Force. It was introduced on August 16, 2011. It can be deconstructed in to three layers, one with 100ths and the others in 40ths. The first, bottom layer is the blue and gray parts with the black borders. The outer 100th of this layer is black (HEX code #000000), emulating the border on the national flag. The next 39ths are the sky blue (#5AD7FF), also on the flag. The next 100th is the black border for the gray circle, emulating the borders inbetween the national flag. The gray then encompasses the first 59ths of the roundel's first layer. The second and third layers layer are the two yellow circles with their borders. The borders of said yellow circles are the same width as the outer border, and the entire yellow circles' (with border) radius is 40% that of the roundel. The second and third layers are both 25% of the roundel's diameter away from the center, and are the yellow featuring on the national flag (#FFC000</code).

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