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Robrillan Civilization

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Flag of the Robrilla Civilization
Flag of Robrillah
Location of Robrillah
Official name

Robrillan Democratic Republic

Short name Robrillah


Population 13,640,478,259
Controlled planets



Democratic Republic

Eras Creation era

The Robrillan Civilization is a single-planet, democratic, small power civilization in the south-eastern core of the Appearence. It has a population of just 13.6 billion, the majority of which speak Galactic Basic Standard. It is noted for being part of the Orin-Risuk Trade Federation war, as a supporter of Risuk.

The Robrillan Civilization was heavily oriented towards inter-planetary trade and commerce. Save for trade, most of which was done by large corporations that had trade policies with the government in which the government received a share of all profits, Robrillah attempted to stay neutral in all other events and very rarely aligned itself with other civilizations. However, after the Battle of Robrillah occurred, and the planet was deliberately attacked by Orin, the Robrillan Civilization aligned itself with Risuk in the Orin-Risuk Trade Federation war. On top of the attack, the government publically stated that Risuk "fought to preserve the freedoms of trade among planets, civilizations, and people".

Robrillah's heavy involvement and success with trade despite the fact it is a single-planet civilization is what makes it such a wealthy and successful civilzation. It often trades for imports that it can turn around and sell for fiances or other imports. Often times, those imports will be once again sold for more imports, with a continuing process that greatly benefits all parties involved, especially the Robrillan civilization.

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