"The sun has set on the glorious Empire of Drakonia... the moon will rise."
Takara Ming, in her speech announcing the coup.
Rising Moon

2011 —2012

Flag of blank




Member of

(planned) Capita Council

Annexed states

Sectors K7 and K8


Absolute dictocratic monarchical totalitarianism

Supreme Leader
Takara Ming 2011 — 2012
Claire Faretel 2012 — 2012

Drakonian credit

- Drakonian Civil War 2011-2012
- Treaty of Beluksho February 2012

The Rising Moon was a multi-planet, monocratic civilization located in Aetheria. They were a rebellion civilization, spouting from the Empire of Drakonia during their escapades in an alternate timeline, headed primarily by Takara Ming. When they returned to the Appearence timeline, effectively over 20 years later, the Rising Moon was on the verge of collapse in Aetheria. They were unofficially given two sectors in the Appearence by the Capita Council, though very early on in the colonization process the Treaty of Beluksho was signed, transforming them in to the Appearence Dominion under incumbent leader Claire Faretel.


Following the disappearance of the Imperial leadership in June 2011, a power vacuum appeared in the Drakonian Empire. Then-Star Admiral Takara Ming, who had been planning something of this nature, staged a coup a few weeks later. Backed by most of the ICN, as well as other armed forces, it managed to gain control of lots of territory. This continued until a new Emperor finally took power the following year, and the fighting dissolved into a general stalemate. In 2033, in still-mysterious circumstances, Ming was found dead, and the Empire was blamed. Claire Faretel took over for her. The cease fire declared in 2030 ended swiftly, but the Empire attacked with its quickly rebuilt fleets. The Rising Moon was pushed back, until they managed to dig in and hold a position backed up by old Imperial superweapon projects. With Aetheria returning to the Appearance, Faretel decided the best course of action was a general retreat to the Appearance galaxy, so she negotiated sectors K7 and K8 from the Capita Council.

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