Ridall Xer-40 Somel

June 3rd, 1977


Old Kortorisa



Notable occupation(s)

Gammetan Military, Colonel Platinum, Former commander of the Kupilon

Political party


Flag of the Gammetan Civilization Gammeta
Flag of the Gammetan Civilization Gammeta
, Human
Skin color/type






Hair color

Brown, short, oftern spikey

Eye color

Blue, wide

Ridall Somel (Sometimes Risall) was the former commander of the
Flag of the Gammetan Civilization Gammeta
ship, the Kupilon. He was an agressive commander, strict and traditional with his rules. Bly was known to have a personal hatred for him. When he shot Somel's cheese, he got angry and went to Sub-BlyDonia and immediately fired upon the closest vessle, making it's shields fluctuate minorly. He was soon arrested for Treason by Gammetan Guards when he got tractor beamed to the ship. Eventually, he and Bly reconciled and Somel was given command of friendly forces over BlyDonia Prime.


Ridall grew up in a poor nationalist family on Old Kortorisa, his father was insanly strict and his mother was quiet and unwilling. His dad oftern beat him because of his rash decisions during his first decade of living. As he grew up, he began to take on the traits of his father, and that soon led to crime. By this time, his father had grown old and needed taken care of. Of course, Ridall refused to help him. He went to a prison camp after commiting various crimes against other Kortorisans such as beating and taunting. He was sent to a special camp after being released and again commiting more crimes. There he was trained how to act like a real citizen. He was ~23 at this stage. The Old Kortorisans then realized that the only way to displace this anger was with the military. He suceeded top of his regiment (old ranking system) and became a strict battle leader. He fourt in many of them, and oftern won due to his quick thinking and long-term stratergies. He was soon promoted to Corps Commander then when Kortorisa moved to The Appearence, he was assigned as ship commander.

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