Retathon II demonstration
Starting date

October 23, 2011

Ending date

October 28, 2011


Some activity in 18 of 21 provinces on Retathon II


Achieve independance

Current status


  • Retathon government now independant from TEC Empire
  • Peaceful transition
  • First elections already occured

The Retathon II demonstrations (October 23—28, 2011) were a group of demonstrations by a large group of people of Retathon II, a small planet under the Trade Emergency Coalition National Empire. By the end of the first day, six of the twenty-one provinces on Retathon had at least some demonstrations or movement. This soon reached its height of eighteen.

The objectives of the demonstrations were to get the Government to leave the Trade Emergency Coalition National Empire, and re-establish independance ante bellum, before the Second battle of Retathon II. In the Kortorisan-TEC war, the Kortorisans (now Gammetans) defended the planet from a Techian attempt at occupation, and succeeded. However, weeks later it was taken by Techia in the second battle, as the Retathon forces, having a very small population, had little chance of defending themselves from such a large force. The Government did not announce support for independance until the next day, although many individual politicians announced their support. Medias suspected without any Techian involvement, the government as a whole would have no choice but to join the population's movement.

Demonstrations included street-walking with various banners and posters, with anti-Techian Empire slogans. The biggest demonstration included around 50,000 people, marching in the capital city of Badigua. Average demonstrations included approximately 1,000 to 5,000 people. Another form of protest were worker strike, although only a minority (approximately 300) did this, and the mainstream did not support it.

The Gammetan Civilization, being the ones who first saved the Retathons, announced their support for independance straight after demonstrations started. The Order of Nations for Peace supported it the day after they started, on October 24.

Also on the 24th, the Retathon government initiated talks of independance, which was achieved only four days later. They now have a stable democracy, with proper executive elections set for February 2012.

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