A Regional leader of Gammeta is an elected leader of a region on Gammeta. Every two years, the citizens of one of the 127 political regions on Gammetan would vote any citizen within the region (except themselves) to be a regional leader. The elected citizen would have a vote in the Senate, which decided all big-scale factors to do with Gammeta.

Regional leaders do not have singular administrative powers over their respective regions. The Senate can either give powers to the regional leader which would allow them to, or the regional leader would have to hold a vote within the Gammetan Senate.

In March 2011, the Senate voted to give Fin Asura supreme regional powers in order to adequately deal the Nirvana Crisis. These powers did not include the changing of government spendings, foreign policy, nor anything not regarding the use of the Gammetan military in order to dispatch the Nirvana. However, after several violations of the powers she was given - including the controling of foreign policy, which the Senate approved of - the rank of Prime Regiona of Gammeta was introduced on May 5th 2011, on which date she was elected to it.

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