Racial bill of Tudia
Flag of West Tudia West Tudia

Dophilus (theocrat)


Increase security

Date introduced


Date of expiration


Applicable to



Applicable to all citizens:

  • Embargo on foreign imports
    • Except those imposed by government
  • Embargo on foreign exports
    • Except foods
    • Except those imposed by government
  • Disallow foreign travel
    • All Tudians recalled, no refund
  • Disallow Anoisan marriage
    • If already, immediate divorce
    • If regardless, corporal/capital punishment
  • Disallow trade of products or services to or from Anoisan
    • Imprisonment

Applicable to Anoisans:

  • Disallow foreign travel
    • All Anoisans rejected re-entry
  • No inter-racial trade
  • No inter-racial marriage
    • Immediate sterilization
    • If regardless, capital punishment
  • No inter-racial relations
    • Immediate sterilization
    • If regardless, corporal/capital punishment
  • Disallow inter-racial trade of products or services
    • Imprisonment
    • Shutdown of business
      • If not possible, repossession of assets

Tudia Protests 2011

The Racial bill of Tudia was a government bill signed by Dophilus, the theocrat of West Tudia, on June 7, 2011. It is a bill to prohobit and disclude Anoisans, a minority (~3% race), from society with harsh punishment, and generally restricts what any citizen can and cannot do on an international scale. It immediately sparked protests throughout Tudia due to the fact that it inhibits freedoms which the natives have long enjoyed.

The bill effects more harshly than others the aproximate 720,000,000 Anoisans living in Tudia, leaving around three million stranded in foreign countries, and is supposed to repeal more than thirty million divorces. Due to protests, however, even amoungst important companies such as space travel, citizens do not expected this to occur.

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