Qanti Empire

1778 +

Flag of the Qanti Empire
Flag of Qanti or Qant
Location of Qanti or Qant
Official name

Autonomous Empire of Qanti and its Terretories

Short name Qanti or Qant


Alternate names

Qantish Empire


Galactic Basic Standard

Population 26,763,397,490
Capital city


Controlled planets
Founding member of

Appearence Imperial League

Religious policies

Few banned religions


Absolute hereditary totalitarianism

– Yuzdin Monatzin 1985 +

Free market (75% right)

Air force

Royal Air Force of Qanti


Royal Ground Force of Qanti


Royal Space Force of Qanti

- Founding September 6, 1778

The Qanti Empire, officially the Autonomous Empire of Qanti and its Terretories, or alternatively just Qant(i), is a four-planet, imperial, space-age civilization in the outer core of the Appearence. The official language of Qanti is Galactic Basic Standard, the primary langauge that the population speaks. It is lead by the Monarch, which is currently King Yuzdin Monatzin.

Government and politics Edit

Qanti has a hereditary monarchy government, whereby the ruling person - named King or Queen based on gender, alternatively just Monarch for gender-neutrality - leads both he executive and legislative branches of the government, meaning he has control of just about everything. Currently, the leader is King Monatzin, who has been ruling since June 2, 1985, which is 32 years. He followed his ancestors' policy of isolationism, but ceased their agressive expansion, as the population had become unsaturated in his opinion.

Diplomacy Edit

The Qantish government, fearing the oppression of imperialism by the BlyDonian Civilization, became a founding member of the Appearence Imperial League in January 2011. Other than this, they has implemented a stance of both international and coalition isolationism to avoid becoming subject to allegiances they deem too strong.

Terretories Edit

The civilization currently owns four planets, with Porilan being the capital, and is situated primarily around the galactically far north-east section of the core. It has a population of 26.8 billion, with over half of those on the capital, and the rest spread out over the remaining three planets. Notably, the Qanti Empire organizes its planets to be non-self-sufficient, to minimize the risk of a successful rebellion. The capital is fully autonomous - as proved by its years of solo survival prior to the 1900s - however the other three work together to supply each other: Dauinche is the primary military and manufacturing planet, which gives it the lowest population; Onia is an emerging city-planet, making it the financial center; and Twiqess is the notable goods and food producing planet.

Military Edit

The Qanti military, named the Royal Armed Forces by most Qantish, is small relative to the civilization's population, however boasts high-grade technology. It is often considered to be on par with civilizations a little smaller than itself.

The military is split up in to the three standard branches: The Air Force, the Ground Force, and the Space Force. The majority of personel are in the Ground Force, due to the higher maintenance,however the majority of funding and actual power goes to the space fleet. The Air Force plays a rather unprominent role in military operations - it is largely considered a supporting branch to the space force rather than an independant one. For this reason, craft are steadily being redesigned to fit on ships.

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