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Project Corolis was a secret technological effort undertaken by The Empire of Drakonia. This project created a pocket universe and moved the galaxy of Aetheria there. Since Aetheria was invaded during the Second Appearance-Ichiri war war, the Empire realized how vulnerable it was to that enemy when it was so close to completing its plan. The new universe, created by the Megalith artifact, was intended to protect the Empire in the final stages of its preparation to destroy the Ichiri. The Megalith artifact was "fired", drawing the contents of the Ichiri universe into the pure energy of the Astral Plane, destroying it utterly. So little was understood about this artifact, however, that the pocket universe began falling bit by bit into the Astral Plane, as well as its original location in the Appearance universe. The disappearance of Emperor Krion and Empress Nakamura in one of these "anomalies" prompted the Drakonian Civil War, which lasted until Aetheria finally fell back into its original universe.


Bly and any characters created or controlled by him are not allowed, this is as unbreakable a rule as the size limit for Appearance ships.

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