The Prime Regiona of Gammeta, often abbreviated to PR, is the highest rank within the Gammetan Government. The purpose of the position is to supply a representative, figurehead and more powerful single persone for Gammeta. The rank was introduced on the 5th of May, 2011 in tune with the recent high of hostilities. Fin Asura is the current Prime Regiona of Gammeta, and she has a 35% vote representation. That is, 444.5 votes-worth.


Prime Regiona originates from both Gammetan and Galactic Basic Standard (GBS). Prime comes from the common rank of Prime Minister, where Prime is the adjective of "Minister" placed in order to signify that the Minister is more powerful than others. Regiona, however, is a Gammetanization of the word regional (which itself is a shortened name for the regional leader) such that the L in the affix "al" is commonly subjected to omission when Gammetans more in line with the Gammetan language speak GBS


Prime Regionas of Gammeta are elected by other Regional Leaders based on a majority vote within the Senate which can be held at any time. The Senate then decides on a vote representation for the PR, which they can alter to any extent (except below the average regional leader representation of 10) at any time. Since all regional leaders represent 1270 votes, votes are effectively taken away from other regional leaders and given to the PR. The senate may also give whatever powers it likes to the PR.

There are currently three states which the Gammtan Government can be in:

  • Monocratic
  • Alert
  • Normal

Currently due to the recent flare of hostilities and the Nirvana Crisis, the government is in Alert status, giving the PR control of Foreign Policy. Monocratic evidently gives the PR more powers, whereas Normal takes them away.

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