The President of BlyDonia's job is to lead the BlyDonian Civilization. The President also has high powers in high places. See the Executive Branch under Government on the BlyDonian page.

Presidents of BlyDoniaEdit

# Name Start End
1 Bly 2009/09/07 2011/04/03
2 Jax Nano 2011/04/03 2011/04/29
3 Bly 2011/04/29 2011/10/11
4 Tax Pavan 2011/10/11 2012/02/22
5 Bly 2012/02/22 Term not ended


At the beginning of April, 2011, as a result of the BlyDonian Civil War, Bly has been ousted from leadership by an opposition party that has seized control of the entire BlyDonian Fleet and BlyDonian Army. Although most citizens still like Bly, they do not like his policies towards the Appearence Imperial League. He regained power when the Loyalists won the war on the 29th of April, that same year.

Bly's first PresidencyEdit

At the start of 2010 reformations, Bly accepted his new position as President from his former of Supreme Leader. Prosperity reigned, but not much else occurred.

Nano PresidencyEdit

From the Civil War, Nano was the new President. Not much occurred during his term other than a civil war.

Bly's second PresidencyEdit

Bly took the Presidency again following Nano's "resignation".

Pavan PresidencyEdit

During 2011/10, Bly resigned and Supreme Minister Pavan took over. Pavan has planned on three year term limits for Presidents.

Bly's third PresidencyEdit

On 2012/02, President Pavan approved Bly to be Supreme Minister, then resigned. Bly, after a House of Minister overwhelming approval, was made President again. Then, as a favor, Pavan was reinstated as Supreme Minister, causing not much to happen in BlyDonian politics.

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