A pie chart of the population distirbution of civilizations with a state flag

The Population of the Appearence galaxy is estimated around 15.61 trillion by the Capita Council, often thought to be accurate. Based on this wiki, a proper estimation would be anywhere from 2.4 to 4.79 trillion. Both of these estimations come from the fact that the current population count of known civilizations in the Appearence, seen here, is 1.6 trillion. Estimations from core members also go as high as around 46.8 trillion, which is around three times the estimation of the Capita Council.

Coalition comparisonEdit

AIL 285,628,000,000
CC 1,089,214,000,000
EL 423,684,000,000
ONP 222,970,000,000

Ever since the dawn of it, the Capita Council has been the biggest coalition to exist, and the biggest political body in the universe (minus Drakonia for the most part). This is primarily due to the size of the Gammetan Civilization, Hzian Empire and Trade Emergency Coalition. Without these three members, the Capita Council would have 539,388,000,000. Thus, they make up 50% of the council.

Actual values Edit

Populations are calculated on the template:Population page. They use a formula which adds a certain percent of their accumulative population each day. For instance, if a civilizaiton had 100 citizens, increasing at a rate of 10% per day, on day 2 the population would be 110, and on day three it would be 121 instead of 120, day four 133.1 instead of 130 and so on. Template:Population/Alt has counts of a group of civilizations (they cannot be on the template:population page for complex reasons), such as comsographical regions (such as a galaxy or part of a galaxy) or cosmo-political organizations (such as the Capita Council). Largely, only civilizations with flags found on this list have population counts. Template:Population/Loops has population counts of civilizations which are fractured. For instance, after the founding of East Tudia, cosmographical-Tudia's population was split between the two nations, so their actual population is stored on the loops page, but it is divided in to two on the template:Population page.

Accurate to each day, the current counted-by-the-wiki population of the Appearance universe is 2,066,928,851,275, and of the Appearence galaxy is 1,597,352,176,893.

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