The Nova Region is the name given to a small asteroid field in open space in the Appearence previously used by the Yulairian Civilization to obtain Nova. Due to its mobility, it is thought to be a protoplanet which had fractured in to many small peices, which have stayed in a rather still position relative to each other.

Historical useEdit

From 2009, Yulair used the field to mine Nova, often protecting it from anyone using a fleet; however, with the fall of the Yulairian Civilization in March 2011, the Gammetans moved in to patrol it. This move, although recognizably authorized by the Senate, sparked confrontation and debate between a lot of Senator, and it is currently being disputed about what should be done to it. As of yet, the Senate has ordered the military to quaranteen the asteroid field as well as a generous radius around it from any other civilizations, which have done with a single task force, Requidem. The arguments between the government generally point in three different directions: Destroy the asteroid field using explosives, making sure the Nova is properly destroyed; harvest the Nova and possibly distribute it to other civilizations or keep it; or keep the area under permanent quarantine, so no civilization can harbor the overpower of the Nova. The third direction is relatively minor relative to the other two, which are almost equal in support.

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