Nonan Monarchy

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Flag of the Nonan Monarchy
Flag of Nonan Monarchy
Location of Nonan Monarchy
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Nonan Monarchy




Galactic Basic Standard

Population 14,595,693,252
Controlled planets



Constitutional hereditary totalitarianism





Air force

Nonan Royal Air


Nonan Royal Army


Nonan Royal Navy

Elite units

Nonan King's Guard

Eras Creation Era

The Nonan Monarchy is a small, two-planet civilization in the core of the Appearence galaxy. It is ruled by King Yo-I Noan II, who heads a constitutional monarchic government. It is based on the planet Nonan II, the second planet in its system, with a small population on Trinia VII. Diplomatically, it has a strong stance against imerialism, and therefore the Appearence Imperial League. It has a small population, speaking Galactic Basic Standard, of just 13 billion, although has played quite a large role relative to its size in international politics.

It is part of the Capita Council, the Economic League and the Order of Nations for Peace. The Nonan Monarchy declared a lot of systems galactically north of itself as neutral in 2007, however no nations supported it. When the Bazanian Empire colonized a planet rather close to Nonan (closer to Nonan than to its own capital), the Manaki and Kandan Republic came to its aid, sparking the Nonan-Bazanian Derta dispute, which is yet to end.

Government and politics Edit

Incumbent King Yo-I NoanII heads a monarchy with a democratic constitution restricting his abilities. Like a lot of civilizations in the AppearenceHe is both the legislative and executive body of the government, and therefore has the power to declare war, dictate foreign policy and control any state-owned economics.

Armed Forces Edit

The Nonan Armed Forces consists of the three standard branches: The Nonan Royal Army, the Nonan Royal Air, and the Nonan Royal Navy. The Nonan King's/Royal Guard is an elite unit meant to protect royality and, more prominent, the king. It is often considered a special unit of the Royal Army. The Royal Army consists of land units, transports, and special units, such as for espionage. The Royal Air consists of craft support, as well as independantly functioning craft units. The Royal Navy consists of sea units, space units, cargo escorts, marines, and boarding parties.

Army vehicles Edit

Name Origin Role In service Notes
Main combat vehicles
C4-17 Light Tank
Flag of Manaki Manaki
Light tank 9,940
C7-2 Light Tank
Flag of Manaki Manaki
Light tank 3,120 Minor AA defenses
CA-30 Begger
Flag of Manaki Manaki
Armored Personel Carrier 2,400 Being phased out by CA-33
CA-33 Minschull
Flag of Manaki Manaki
Armored Personel carrier 6,420 Fully ampibious
C-80 Combat Tank
Flag of Manaki Manaki
Main battle tank 660
Duches Heavy Tank
Flag of the Nonan Monarchy Nonan Monarchy
Heavy tank 320 Unreliable
Brindge AutoTank
Flag of the Nonan Monarchy Nonan Monarchy
Flag of the Kandan Republic Kandan Republic
Flag of Lunor Lunor
Super tank 96 AA and missile defenses
Support vehicles
Quill-class Shield
Flag of the Nonan Monarchy Nonan Monarchy
Area protection 806 Emits an area energy shield
P3 Artillery Peice
Flag of the Nonan Monarchy Nonan Monarchy
Combat artillery 1,220 Uses experimental hybrid energy-ohysical ordnance
Strata Artillery Peice
Flag of the Nonan Monarchy Nonan Monarchy
Long range artillery 107 Range up to 2000 km
Gard Roller
Flag of the Nonan Monarchy Nonan Monarchy
Flag of the Kandan Republic Kandan Republic
Anti-air; sensor 3,500
Kultra Orbital Cannon
Flag of the Nonan Monarchy Nonan Monarchy
Ground-to-orbit gun 5,420 Minor AA defenses

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