Mota ru 0060702

The Nirvana over Scion
Official name

Nirvana Battleship



Length 18km
Width 7km
Height 9km
Shield type


Targeting range

At least 500 km


Torpedo launchers

"Our weapons can't penetrate those shields, break off, break o-"
– BlyDonian Pilot, moments before death

The Nirvana is a ship without any known origing that came in to the Appearence on March 6th 2011.


The origins of the Nirvana are unknown, however it appeared in the Appearance Galaxy at around March 5th, 2011. It targeted freighters and pirates, and any ship unfortunate to cross its path.

Appearance civilizations encounterEdit

Main article: Skirmish over Scion

The Excalibur, the newest BlyDonian Flagship, and the only Excalibur Class Starship was on its maiden voyage when it received a distress signal from a freighter over the neutral space of Scion. The Excalibur exited hyperspace, and was immediately pelted with debris from a freighter convoy and a pirate attack force. The Nirvana was moving from the far side of the planet, when it locked weapons on the Excalibur, and opened fire, ripping through its shields and damaging the ship. Eventually, the Capita Council forces retreated, and fled for BlyDonia Prime


At 18km, the Nirvana is the second largest active duty Space Ship in the Appearance Galaxy. It has unparalleled kinetic shield capabilities which destroys any weapons fire that comes in to contact with it. They, therefore, must be lowered to fire. Objects can pass through them, however. It can also shoot fucking laser beams out of its fucking bow which immobilize other ships. Fuck.

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