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Nakar IV
Map-Nakar IV-standardized

The Appearence

Surface gravity

1× Earth



Population 6,712,670,044

Nakar IV is a terrestrial populated planet owned by the BlyDonian Civilization in the Appearence. During the BlyDonian Civil War, the planet was loyal to Jax Nano, however following the Second Battle of Nakar IV, the planet came back under control of President Bly, effectively ending the Civil War.

Map-Nakar IV-standardizedregions

Regions which will be given to the Jankans progessively:

Given on May 2011,  given on July 2011,
given on September 2011,  given on November 2011,
given on January 2012,  given on March 2012.

It was settled and owned by the Jankan Empire until the BlyDonians took it as part of the BlyDonian-Jankan war in late 2010. However, as part of the first and second treaties to the Yinto Crisis in March 2011, it was settled that five out of the thirty political regions on the planet would be given to the Jankan Empire every two months until March 2012, at which point the planet will be completely controlled by the Jankan Empire. On April 3rd 2011, the newly appointed BlyDonian President Jax Nano unlawfully cancelled the treaty. The rivaling members do not plan to directly take back the planet.

Jankan ControlEdit

As of the end of April 2011, the Jankan Empire owns Nakar IV unconditionally.

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