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N1 Transport
Official name

N1 Repulsor-driven long ranged troop transport

Other titles

Troop Transport.


Kao'al Gor


(unconfirmed) Marrow Ship Works


In developement

Flag of the Gammetan Civilization Gammeta



April 4, 2011

First test flight

(expected) May 2012


(confirmed) Drop-class GPCs

The N1 Transport, officially N1 Repulsor-driven long ranged troop transport but mostly refered to as just N1, is an in-developement Gammetan craft designed to transport combat troops over a long ranges within a planet. It is the first official troop transport of the new Gammetan Military. The N1 is being designed by Kao'al Gor, a Gammetan craft designing company and subsidiary of Teranox. It is planned to be a high-altitude craft for moving troops around in non-combat situations, however has drop cannons capable of bombarding targets. Kao'al Gor initially had plans to sell the design to the BlyDonian Civilization, however retracted the plan in the first year of development due to diplomacy.

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