Mechal Production Industries

Designing and manufacturing military hardware

Flag of the Gammetan Civilization Gammeta
Targetted locations
Flag of the Gammetan Civilization
Gammetan Military
Major products

CEO Ghedgo

Mechal Production Industries, often referred to as Mechal or shortened MPI, is a major military design and manufacturer company for the Gammetan Civilization. It concentrates on vessels for the Gammetan Navy, however also has a smaller Air Force division. MPI has designed and produced, on its own, the majority of ships currently in use by the naval forces: Battleships, frigates, battlecruisers, and transports.

Early in its history, it focused on naval assets, designing the Lohaul Battleship and Gammetan Frigate, as well as contributing to Project Devlabordich. HelAux's domination of air force designs and MPI's domination of manufacturing assets lead to a friendly relationship pre-2011. However, it acquired Danga Corporation whilst they were developing the Danga Bomber for the 2011 bomber request, leading to MPI's entry in to the aviation industry. While the relationship subsided as they became competitors, the two remain cooperative. MPI has participated in both naval and air requests for proposals post-2011, and had success in both areas with three designs, winning the three competitions they entered, including the Mechal Fi-1. Gralage Advanced Production now enjoys a strong relationship with MPI, brought about by the former's speciality in smaller vessels and the latter's in large. The two are rumored to be in partnership or merger talks as of October 2012.

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