The Massacre of 93422-06, officially called Operation M93422-06, was a Gammetan operation that allowed the colonization of AS-A3-D14 93422-06 via massacring the primary inhabitants, regardless of their species and replacing the planet with species only vital to survival.


The Gammetan Civilization's Supreme Chancellor (Fin Asura) had planned to colonize the 3 planets in the month she got elected Supreme Chancellor. One of these planets was AS-A3-D14 93422-06. She got the information of the planet's existance, but documents containing information that there were Rannkorak and Panechoua were never released to the public. The Gammetan Commander-in-Chief was ordered to colonize the planet whatever the cost.

The Firth was ordered from Teredona I to rendezvous with The Jealot at the sun of AS-A3-D14 03040 for 2010/08/18, and they did. Every single action considering the massacre was top-level classified, even from the Supreme Chancellor.


The Firth and Jealot had (all together) 221 HelAux GT2s and set off to AS-A3-D14 93422-06. The journey took 4 minutes exactly.

As the two ships dropped out of hyperspace, Colonel Arton, in command of the Jealot, hesitated to give the fire order. He knew that there were over 500 million inhabitants on the surface. However, the firing order was given after some time. The two ships fired all they had at the planet, using their life sign detectors as a targetting computer, however many targets were on the display. After a full strafe over the planet, the Gunships were released from the carrier and battleship. They were using the flusters as rare as possible to conserve power, as they needed to be able to wipe out the planet in as least time as possible.

The massacre took place from (excluding bombardment of the planet) August 18th 6:10pm to September 6th 6:59pm when it was confermed that the last known Rannkorak and Panechoua was dead.

Fall of F85Edit

The 85th gunship of the Firth was on a low-altitude routine patrol in the southern hemisphere on August 20th when suddenly (at 9:21am), a Rannkorak jumped from a tall rocky spire and onto the corner of the gunship. The pilot attempted to compensate for the unpredictable weight addon by using the flusters, but the gunship was already a few meters away from the ground.

Upon impact with the ground, the gunship exploded, causing damage to a nearby Plate member, however it was not critical. The Rannkorak, along with 7 crew members were killed in the blast.

Colonel Arton, the commanding officer of the mission on board the Jealot chose to count the gunship an unexpected loss, and used it a method to keep his men on their toes.

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