Marana Federation

3/10/2033 B.C. —4/03/0023 A.D.

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Marana Federation




Galactic Basic Standard



Capital planet

Maranas Prime

Controlled planets
  • Maranas Prime
  • Marana Minor
Religious policies

Free Religion


Constitutional Tightly Bound Federation

– Fan-di Haow 3/10/2033 B.C. — 3/10/2041 B.C.
– Handia Prax 4/03/0020 A.D. — 4/03/0023 A.D.

Free Market Capitalist


Mara Credit

Eras Pre-Creation Era

The Marana Federation was a civilization completely devoted to peace in The Appearence Galaxy. Eventually, it's lack of military and rich materials on the planets of the civilization led it to it's destruction, and the Marana Federation was destroyed.



The Marana Federation was founded almost four thousand years ago, amid turmoil on the planet. Eventually, after forging the Federation uniting them, they realized how futile war and violence was. They banned all weapons, and devoted themselves to peace and unity. They led peace keeping operations, food and medical trips, and other friendly operations all throughout the Appearance. Their mineral rich worlds were the envy of her neighbors. The splendors and wealth of the civilization, as well as the advanced in architecture and science further angered her neighbors.


The capital, Marana City was a gloriously large old styled city. There was marble and stone works built all over, towering in the city. Betraying the old style look was the advanced technology that the Federation possessed. It is at this time that the Federation reached its peak, and the proud and peaceful civilization would decrease as time went on.


A few months before the initial takeover, the Marana Stock Exchange plummeted to never before seen lows, and the entire civilization was thrown into a depression. The splendors of the beautiful planet were gone, as the society degraded. It was at this time that the neighbors saw their chance, and attacked the peaceful civilization. Without weapons, the Marana's were slaughtered, and many were killed. The planet was stripped of its resources, and then the cities were razed, leaving the survivors to live in the ruins.

Current DateEdit

As of today, there are only a handful of people living in the old Marana Federation, most of them residing in the ruins of their post-apocalyptic world. It is a frequent visitation site for archaeologists and other researchers.


The Marana's were a peaceful civilization, and it wasn't uncommon to see them lending a helpful hand to any civilization that asked for it. Using superior technology, they fought plagues and viruses on several worlds, helping to heal and vaccinate the populace. They were a modest humble people that lived in gloriously large homes, and enjoyed their wealth. They gave large portions of their income to the needy of the Galaxy, but most Marana's were very well off.

Lack of MilitaryEdit

The Marana's had no military, which is why they were so easy to be overtaken and slaughtered by her neighbors. In the Marana Senate leading up to the invasion, there were calls for a military to help keep the restless poor public in line, but these calls were always ignored. It ended up being their downfall.

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