Mantorak Soldier
Physical Information



Stormtrooper armor(Special Forces), Mantorak Armor plating(Resembles a mesh between Mandalorian armor and a standard military outfit)



Class Information

Special Forces/Guards/Soldiers


Rifles,Blaster Rifles,Grenades

Other Info


Extra Info
Distribution date


Closing date

(Reduced to Mantorak Remnant)

Destribution place


Army corps

Mantorak Special Forces, Mantorak Guard, Mantorak Fleet/Army

The SoldierEdit

Every Soldier within the Mantorak forces had been trained to be unique. This means soldiers specialized in their own tactics, and were grouped with other who used a similar tactic, ensuring that there was a squad for every situation. Soldiers were quite tough, and extremely dedicated to their leaders. No, they wouldn't pull off an Order 66. Mantorak Special Forces wore Stormtrooper armor, the exact reason is unknown, but the plates were modified to make sure a trooper just doesn't get shot and go down, not without a fight, at least. The guards wore the standard armor, but it wasn't quite as tough as their modified Stormtrooper-armored companions. Soldiers wore a tougher variant of the standard variant, and designed to be lightweight.

Fall of MantorakEdit

After the fall of Mantorak, troopers still alive had now rallied under Fixer, Void's replacement. They became weary about the stability of their own government, so their morale affected them in later battles. The funding(and factories destroyed) was cut, and then the entire military resorted to the modified Stormtrooper armor as the last sets of Standard armor wore out.

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