Mantorak-Slave Empire Wars
Previous Unknown
Concurrent Unknown
Next Unknown
Date 2010 – 2010
Ending date 2010
Location(s) Across 2 Galaxies
Outcome Mantorak's Fleet and Military reduced to the Mantorak Remnant


Slave Empire


(At least 5 battles),Mission to the Slave Empire's Galaxy, Bombing of Mantorak, Mission to the ruins of Mantorak




Void(Later Fixer)


Forces used

Entire Fleet/Military

Entire Fleet/Military

Forces designated for use







Much of the Fleet, many civilians, Void's fate unknown(Until Mission to Mantorak)


The WarEdit

The war was brutal and unending. Although relatively short(In about 3 months), the war reduced much of both sides. Soldiers were slaughtered on both sides with tactics like blitzkrieg, or even biological warfare. The battles in the Slave Empire's galaxy are unknown(Since they were recorded by Void), but it was presumed that the Galaxy was at least partially liberated. The Mantoraks had gained a foothold in two sectors, and the Slave Empire was repelled from a temporary blockade. The part of the fleet that Void had did not return from that galaxy. The Mantoraks were reduced into a remnant after such crushing blows like that.


The mission to Mantorak was hard to bear. Void had been altered so severely that he was obsessed with destroying any thing still standing on Mantorak. Fixer had confronted him, and both wound up with severe injuries, and returned to their "homes" alone. With the Mantoraks reduced down,several sectors fell to tyranny and even destruction.

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