The Appearence

Solar system

Mantorak System

Orbital position




Surface gravity




  • Before Destruction: 6 billion
  • Post-Destruction: 100 (Mercs, Rakghouls, Void, no civilians)
Prominent cities
  • Bekan (capital)
  • Ecumenopolis (destroyed)

Raw metal



Mantorak was a planet in The Appearence galaxy. It's location is yet to be revealed.


Mantorak was a ecumenopolis for many years, and a very well known planet within its sector. Elegant skyscrapers loomed over military installations, and large docking bays were home to the massive warships. Years upon years of development had led to parts of the cities becoming obsolete. These parts of the cities were used for lower class citizens, and disease plagued them. Somehow, Rakghoul plague found its way there. Those infected with such a disease were often kept for expirements, or worse. Those who evaded capture had ran rampant around those particular sectors within a city.


Later, the planet had decreed that no one could own a warship or their own militia, because the planet had its own fleet. Unfortunately, this would soon be the planet's undoing. Terrorists and rebels ran around the wealthier parts of a city, and often assassinated public figures.

Mantorak's cities were finally destroyed after the fleet had angered an Empire from a different galaxy, and amidst their anger, thousands of citizens perished as the planet was almost incinerated by massive orbital strikes, proton bombs, and starfighters. The planet was left unihabited for nearly three months, and when the fleet remnant finally returned, radical changes had already started. Rakghouls had become the most populous species, and mercenaries often looted things from skyscrapers that remained intact. Fixer, Void's second in command, eventually made a horrid discovery about what happened to the planet, and why Void didn't come to defend the planet, personally.

Current statusEdit

Mantorak's cities have not been repaired as of this writing, and sadly, Rakghouls have all but eliminated Fixer's entire company. Fixer managed to escape, but not without physical and psychological scars. Void hadn't returned from the other galaxy for a reason.... He was captured, and altered to the point where his mind was led to believe Mantorak must not recover, and the fleet must be elminated. He has been left to die in the ruins of Mantorak, conspiring with the lead Rakghoul. Fixer has since ordered that the fleet remnant must bomb any parts of the planet that have a population, must be bombed to dust, to ensure that nobody else ends up the same way as Void and the Rakghouls.

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