Manaki Armed Forces
Other titles *Manaki Armed Services
  • Manaki Military
Flag of Manaki Manaki
Allegiance(s) Viceroy of Manaki
Unit branch *Manaki Amphibious Force

The Manaki Armed Forces is the military of Manaki. It consists of four branches: The navy in space, the navy at sea, the amphibious force and the planetary force. The Viceroy of Manaki heads the Armed Forces. Under him is the Chairman of the General Commandership, who takes orders only from the government or viceroy. Under the chairman are the General Commandership, which consists of military commanders specializing in strategy as well as commanders from all four forces. The Manaki Armed Forces currently employs around 23,646,000 personel, which is approximately 0.042% of the population. The Manaki Armed Forces has, as some of its objectives, the protection of its terretories and allied terretories, the maintenance of stability around its borders and the guarding of Manaki fundamentals.


The head, by title, of the Manaki Armed Forces is the Viceroy of Manaki, which also has control of foreign policy, under the rank Chairman-and-Chief. The Chairman-and-Chief dictates troop ideological, minimal strategy, such as determining on which objectives to focus the forces. The General Commandership dictates things like logistics, procedures, funding and other strategies.

The Manaki Armed Forces are split up in to four branches:

  • Amphibious Force, including:
    • Amphibious support force
    • Paratroopers
    • Concealed force
  • Armed Ground Force, including:
    • Direct support force
    • Transports
    • Infantry
    • Mechantry (Mechs)
    • Vehicle force
  • Cosmos Force, including:
    • Light Cosmos (cosmos naval air)
    • Cosmos border patrol
    • Boardomarines (boarding marines)
    • DCIPF (Damage control and interior protection force)
  • Planetary Naval Force, including:
    • Planetary naval air
    • Utility-to-cosmos fleet

Less prominent (id est non-direct) branches include:

  • Terran logistica
  • Cosmos logistica
  • Construction
  • Trade protection force


Manpower is broken down in to the four main branches and the four utility branches, which all merged as one.

Another 29,839,000 are on on reserve.

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