Manaki Federation of Free and Open Systems

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Flag of Manaki
Flag of Manaki
Location of Manaki
Other titles


Official name

Manaki Federation of Free and Open Systems




Galactic Basic Standard

Population 56,300,201,924
Capital planet


Controlled planets
  • Manaki
  • Sioal
  • Plao
  • Plaguis I
  • Plaguis II
  • Plaguis III
  • Plagius IV
  • Plagius V
  • Plagius VI
  • Markiz
  • Namo
  • Sieano
  • Plaonoria
  • Oakjg
  • Theiao
  • Ekna
  • Onhka
Religious policies

Free Religion


Federal democratic monarchy




Maki Credit


Manaki Army


Manaki Navy

Other military units

Manaki Patrol Fleet

Eras Creation Era

Manaki, officially called the Manaki Federation of free and open systems, is a civilization in the core of the Appearence galaxy. While a member of the Capita Council and Economic Minority League, it is considered a relatively agressive civilization. It was part of the Appearence Democracy League (which reformed in to the EML), and was a primary member against the Appearence Imperial League.


The Manaki Federation of Free and Open Systems was founded four hundred years ago, when the Appearance wasn't as inhabited. It was founded on the planet Manaki. Eventually, the planet expanded to seventeen planets, and it founded and army to protect them all. They're only loosely bound together, and if one planet ever wanted to leave, it could without being stopped. Each planet sends a delegate, and each planet has its own government which rules over its own planet. The President, who leads the government, at any time can remove a Planetary President, and appoint them.

Manaki has a particularly unique voting system. Members of the public can vote and alter their vote any time they want; votes are considered continuously. If a candidate has enough votes to usurp the current President for 30 days, the President will be forced to step down and the new candidate will take his seat. The new President is entitled at least a full year in office, during which time no matter what the votes say he can serve. After this time, the popular vote continues to be observed. At fifteen year intervals, everyone's votes are reset to ensure they are not considered to be aligned to a candidate out of negligence for politics. These fifteen year intervals usually result in large changes in votes, and often result in a Presidency change, and so are commonly referred to as "elections", though they are not considered so officially. If the election date is inside a President's grace period, it is his decision whether to delay the date.


It's a highly aristocratic culture, focusing on art and class. On Manaki, it's a very wealthy planet, where most people live in waterfront homes, or in giant apartments in Manaki City. On other planets, however the people are somewhat poor and uneducated. Recently, the government has been trying to fix this. It's not very friendly, either, and is more of a reclusive civilization.

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