The MC4RC from the side

The MC4RC, officially MicellCo fourth Recon Carbine, refered to by soliders of the Gammetan Military as carbines or recon carbines, was a Carbine Gatalon Photon Cannon designed by Timulon Pomulus, a chief military engineer from MicellCo Works.


  • Rounds fired: Gatalon Photon rounds
  • Power in ph: 1.8ph
  • Fire rate: 525 rounds per minute
  • Shot delay: 0.114 seconds
  • Fire modes: Fully automatic, semi-automatic
  • ph capacity (shots): 27,720 (15,400)
  • Passive ph recharge rate (shots per hour): 714.6 (397)
  • Passive ph recharge time: 1 day 14 hours ~48 minutes
  • Alternate fire: Killer shot (8.0ph)
  • Killer shot cool down time: 6 seconds


The MC4RC was notable for it's minimal recoil. An undisciplined soldier could shoot a target repetetively without losing control, making it optimal for hit-and-run objectives, as one wouldn't have to take cover to regain control of the rifle and therefore give the enemy chance to find cover. The low damage was the down side of this, which meant a well armed human would need to be shot for a considerable amount of time. To compensate for this, it has a "killer shot" mode, with a damage of 8ph, which is well over the amount needed to kill a normal clothed human.

The energy cell is located similar to the MC3AR behind the rail on the side. A button is pressed to emerge a capsule which contains the energy cell, which can be pulled out but will not fall out. By pressing two buttons just infront of the stock either side, the stock can be pulled up and removed. The weapon can then be plugged in to a cell recharger to refill the cell, however, the energy cell has almost double passive ph recharge rate, so is efficient if a reconnaissance trooper were to be stranded.

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