A side view of the MC3MR

The MC3AR, officially the MicellCo 3 Mainstream Rifle, sometimes written MC-3 MR, was a mainstream assault rifle with a Gatalon Photon Cannon. It was designed as a successor to the MC2RR due to it's light weight, versatility and increased rate of fire compared.


  • Rounds fired: Gatalon Photon rounds
  • Power in ph: 3.3ph
  • Fire rate: 440 rounds per minute
  • Shot delay: 0.135 seconds
  • Fire modes: Fully automatic, semi-automatic
  • ph capacity (shots): 27,720 (8,400)
  • Passive ph recharge rate (shots per hour): 343.2 (104)
  • Passive ph recharge time: 3 days 8 hours 45 minutes
  • Alternate fire: Wound (0.46ph)
  • Wound-mode shots to kill unarmored: 6


The MC3AR's compact size made it an optimal choice for short- to medium-ranged combat, primarily urban or building-to-building combat. It had a quite large recoil, however, so tended to be shot on semi-automatic mode with longer delays than "0.135" as to avoid losing control.

The energy cell is located discretely just behind the rails on the side, colored brown on the picture. A button can be pressed and a capsule will emerge containing the energy cell. It can then be pulled out, but will not slide out, then replaced. The stock can be removed by pulling the trigger on the inner side located at the top of the stock, then pulling it out. The energy cell can then be recharged by placing the gun on to a recharger, which the military would usually supply aboard transportation vehicles and in military bases.

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