Luega II

The Appearence

Galactic sector

BlyDonian Sector

Solar system

Luegan System




Oxygen, Nitrogen



Prominent cities

Luega City


Finished Products and Materials


Raw Materials, Oil

"Luega II is the fourth planet in the BlyDonian Sector, one of nine."

Luega II is the second most important planet in the BlyDonian Civilization. It's population is somewhat small for a planet as advanced, but it receives thousands of visitors monthly. It is also a major exporter of oil and other raw materials.


Luega II is an odd planet. A little over half the planet's surface is water, and the other half is a giant landmass. The land is grassy and hilly, and home to many forests and other natural rock formations. There are occasional harmless red dust storms in the upper atmosphere that do not harm the populace or do any other damage. It is quite beautiful to see, and this is one reason why it attracts many visitors.


Close to Luega II is its moon, Luegan. The moon itself is a volcanic planet, also very rich in minerals and other elements. A safe distance away is the Luegan sun, which provides warmth and life to Luega II.

Notable CitiesEdit

It's capital, Luega City, is the most important and notable city on the planet. During the Second Appearance-Ichiri war, a turning point battle was fought here. The Ichiri had just found the BlyDonian Sector, and had invaded starting with Luega II. It was here, in Luega City, that the BlyDonian forces were able to repulse the Ichiri, and send them out of the BlyDonian Sector. The capital itself is adorned in marble and other stones from the plethora of mines.


Luegan's are highly aristocratic, and value art. Most Luegan's are very wealthy, spending their money on things for themselves and for others. While wealthy, they are also modest, occasionally giving money away to charities.

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