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A list of all historical civilizations within The Appearance based on years active and at-height population.


Name Uprising Downfall Height
Flag of the Alsoras Empire Alsoras Empire
1010 2010 1847
Flag of the Alsoras Republic Alsoras Republic
2010 + Currently
Flag of the Andur Empire Andur Empire
1029 + Currently
Andur Republic 0102 1029 0509
Flag of the Bazanian Empire Bazanian Empire
1860 + Currently
Flag of the Bion Federation Bion Federation
3 + Currently
Flag of the BlyDonian Civilization BlyDonian Civilization
2009 + Currently
Flag of the Empire of Drakonia Empire of Drakonia
 ? + Currently
Flag of the Fzanti Empire Fzanti Empire
1764 + Currently
Flag of the Gammetan Civilization Gammeta
2009 + Currently
Flag of the Hydephiilan Senate Hydephiilan Senate
2010 + Currently
Flag of the Hzian Empire Hzian Empire
0108 + Currently
Flag of the Kada Empire Kada Empire
1893 + Currently
Flag of the Kandan Republic Kandan Republic
1780 + Currently
Flag of the Lisianti Empire Lisianti Empire
2008 + Currently
Flag of Lunor Lunor
1953 + Currently
Flag of Manaki Manaki
1610 + Currently
101 1953 1030
List of ...
Gammetan Civilization
Hydephiilan Senate

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