A list of civilizations by military figures, which includes personnel and asset quantities.

List Edit

The key is available below the table.

Civilization Personnel Infantry Ground main Ground utility Air main Air support Vessels main Vessels support
Flag of the Alsoras Republic Alsoras Republic
Flag of the Andur Empire Andur Empire
1,350,000 105
Flag of Appaloutio Appaloutio
Flag of Atalant Atalant
3,500,000 48
Flag of the Bazanian Empire Bazanian Empire
12,500,000 264
Flag of the Bion Federation Bion Federation
4,500,000 123
Flag of the BlyDonian Civilization BlyDonian Civilization
21,000,000 2,000 54 2
Flag of East Tudia East Tudia
Flag of the Empire of Drakonia Empire of Drakonia
Flag of the Fzanti Empire Fzanti Empire
Flag of the Gammetan Civilization Gammeta
2,304,000 13,824 77,280 134 32
Flag of the Hydephiilan Senate Hydephiilan Senate
Flag of the Hzian Empire Hzian Empire
Flag of the Iaondi Republic Iaondi Republic
5,250,000 172
Flag of Intia Intia
Flag of the Jankan Empire Jankan Empire
6,000,000 127
Flag of the Kada Empire Kada Empire
1,340 55,041 25,000 205
Flag of the Kandan Republic Kandan Republic
5,750,000 158
Flag of the Klaorus Republic Klaorus Republic
30,203 102
Flag of Kumpia Kumpia
Flag of the Levalmyr Republic Levalmyr Republic
Flag of the Lisianti Empire Lisianti Empire
Flag of Loam Loam
Flag of the Lonur Civilization Lonur Civilization
Flag of the Lorna Republic Lorna Republic
Flag of Lunor Lunor
7,861,798 933,789 1,400 17,328 340
Flag of Manaki Manaki
23,646,000 14,000,000 519
Flag of the Naasad Civilization Naasad Civilization
8,001,000 2,635 10,000 427
Flag of the Nonan Monarchy Nonan Monarchy
4,250,000 33,203 806 96
Flag of the Omkomian Empire Omkomian Empire
Flag of Orin Orin
2,125,000 1,200,000 28,000 1,550 4,000 1,000 28 1,600
Flag of the Qanti Empire Qanti Empire
3,650,000 92
Flag of the Retathon Civilization Retathon Civilization
Flag of the Robrilla Civilization Robrillan Civilization
45,000 12,000 350 255 185 100 2 8
Flag of Risuk Risuk
2,800,000 1,485,000 29,000 6,000 8,000 1,400 75 2,000
Flag of the People of Sanctuary People of Sanctuary
Flag of the Trade Emergency Coalition Techia
34,000,000 237,238 270
Flag of Unidia Unidia
Flag of West Tudia West Tudia
Flag of the Wringon Republic Wringon Republic
Flag of the Zubada Republic Zubada Republic
11,500,000 212


  • Civilization – The name and flag of the civilization.
  • Personnel – The full personnel count of the military.
  • Infantry – The amount of combat-ready infantry personnel.
  • Ground main – Main ground combat units, such as MBTs, IFVs, artillery, and tactical transports (including air).
  • Ground utility – Utility ground combat units, such as scout vehicles (including air scouts), strategic transports (including air) and shield generators.
  • Air main – Bombers, fighters, air attack, interceptors and air superiority.
  • Air support – Gunships, dropships and combat UAVs; to support ground units (does not include air attack/interdiction craft).
  • Vessels main – Space stations, space turrets, carriers, battleships, battlecruisers, cruisers, frigates, destroyers, corvettes, combat shuttles and tactical transports.
  • Vessels support – Strategic transports, shield generators and non-combat vessels.
List of ...
Gammetan Civilization
Hydephiilan Senate

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