A sortable list of civilizations (featured on the main list of civilizations) including information about their elections, if applicable.

If "next election" is a date in the RPG-time past, it's because the election is yet to be declared anywhere on the wiki; it needs doing.

List Edit

A † indicates that the civilization's next election is not inline with its term length, see below the table for details.

Civilization Election Term length Last election Leader Party Next electon
Flag of the Alsoras Republic Alsoras Republic
President 2 years 2012/06/23 Mistacia Pavare Far-right party 2014/06/23
Flag of Appaloutio Appaloutio
President 5 years 2013/02/04 Fornia Blesheet DFP 2018/02/04
Flag of Appaloutio Appaloutio
House of Laws 5 years 2010/08/04 N/A Labor Movement 2015/08/04
Flag of Atalant Atalant
Head Minister 4 years 2010/05/22 Shuram Chall'n Workers' Party 2014/05/22
Flag of the Bion Federation Bion Federation
Chancellor Non-partisan
Flag of the BlyDonian Civilization BlyDonian Civilization
Prime Minister 6 years 2013/04/12 Tax Pavan Conservative Independence 2019/04/12
Flag of East Tudia East Tudia
Demomono 7 years 2012/01/04 Jaliss Tysia 2014/01/04
Flag of the Gammetan Civilization Gammeta
Prime Regiona 2 years 2011/05/05 Fin Asura Non-partisan 2013/10/11
Flag of the Hydephiilan Senate Hydephiilan Senate
Supreme Chancellor 6 years 2012/04/20 Kon Reindoyona State Party 2013/04/20
Flag of the Iaondi Republic Iaondi Republic
President 1 year 2010/06/20 Ka Lan-di 2013/06/20
Flag of Intia Intia
President Judin Irexa
Flag of the Kandan Republic Kandan Republic
President 8 years 2009/03/30 Sino Calour 2016/03/30
Flag of the Klaorus Republic Klaorus Republic
President 6 years 2010/04/20 Warrex Emson 2016/04/20
Flag of the Levalmyr Republic Levalmyr Republic
Supreme Chancellor 2008/04/02 Bingham Chaow
Flag of the Lorna Republic Lorna Republic
President 6 years 2009/05/09 Brita Haraldsson Galactic Party 2015/05/09
Flag of Lunor Lunor
President 6 years 2012/07/20 Doldorin Exavictor Lunor United Party 2018/07/20
Flag of Manaki Manaki
President 15 years 2002/12/14 2017/12/14
Flag of the Naasad Civilization Naasad Civilization
Prime Regiona 3 years 2012/05/01 Frena Sahali'Ti 2015/05/01
Flag of the Retathon Civilization Retathon Civilization
Duhndent 4 years 2012/02/07 Rienalas Hiydaa 2016/02/07
Flag of the Retathon Civilization Retathon Civilization
Teithe 6 years 2011/11/01 N/A N/A 2017/11/01
Flag of the Robrilla Civilization Robrillan Civilization
Flag of Risuk Risuk
Flag of Sjutnariva Sjutnariva
Prime Minister 3 years 2012/07/30 Terian Kovamiva 2015/07/30
Flag of the Trade Emergency Coalition Techia
National Leader 1.5 years 2011/03/22 Yiins Cartunas Reformist Party 2012/09/22
Flag of the Wringon Republic Wringon Republic
President 10 years 2010/09/20 Plaxis Maxis 2020/09/20

For †

  • Flag of East Tudia East Tudia
    – Due to the nation's young age, the first term will be only 2 years. All terms after this will be 7 years.
  • Flag of the Hydephiilan Senate Hydephiilan Senate
    – Currently undergoing reformation wherein term times are slowly being extended from 8 months to 6 years. The last 8-month term was August 2011 – April 2012. After this, there will be another election in 2013, then another in 2015, then the 6 year term will apply.
List of ...
Gammetan Civilization
Hydephiilan Senate

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