A Trade Emergency Coalition (or Techian) territory is a place with some kind of Techian presence. This includes military or civilian.

List Edit

Name Holdings or empire?
Act Empire
Amington II Empire
Arges III Empire
Banchuarr Empire
Bindington Empire
Bunensia Empire
Dorchhimno Empire
Dormacus Holdings
Doshia Holdings
Ends Empire
Fenuzidom Empire
Hindson Empire
Huldon Empire
Kingdom Empire
Lisonte Empire
Menai Empire
Minundia Empire
Mondi Corlefa Empire
Nohazy Empire
Opumenaur Empire
Punmas Empire
Potecon (capital) Holdings
Retacon Holdings
Rjinescio Empire
Salornia Empire
Sjutnarevo Empire
Somatia Empire
Telok Empire
Therone Empire
Tregzorea Empire
Trigee Empire
Weleuga Holdings
List of ...
Gammetan Civilization
Hydephiilan Senate

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