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This is a list of the various companies in the Tavalan Corporate Republic

Name Industry Brief Facts Council position?
Deequ Industries Shipbuilding Secondary
Riomoz Security Largest security firm in the TCR Primary
Arrowhead Security Security Secondary
Reubaym Transportation, manufacturing Provides manufacturing capacity for many other firms Primary
Agricorp Food production Has a monopoly on Tavalan II's farms Primary
Quuol Transportation Ground vehicles and aircraft Secondary
Interstellar Financial Services (IFS) Finance (commodities and currency) Primary
Boxort Electronics and medical tech. Primary
Chuoy Conglomerate Weapons Secondary
Goykia Electronics none
PLU Pharmaceuticals Secondary
Aonh Mining and refinement One of the oldest corporations in the TCR Secondary
NLYT Banking and finance Secondary
Seim Supply Transportation none
Polybank Banking none
Venom Security Consulting Security Small, secretive, and very effective none
PharmaLife Pharmaceuticals and medical tech. none
Paib-Thlay Group Technology Provides R&D labs and personel to other firms none
Xwautao Electronics Specializes in military electronics Secondary
Ckialy Electronics Electronics Consumer electronics giant Secondary

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