A comprehensive list of military vessles owned or operated by the Hydephiilan Senate.

Hydephiilan ships are based on their numbers (e.g. eonts means first) followed by primary purpose when build (e.g. hoshiko means protecting), so ships may be refered to by their number rather than primary purpose.


Type Vessle Name Built (EST) Commander Task/military unit Details
Battleship MG10 (1st) Eonts Hoshiko 2010/06/26 14:01 Colonel Hijo Mashyin Patroling Hydephiilan planets
Battleship MG10 (2nd) Yints Daiylama 2010/06/26 14:01 Colonel Qui Tao Exploring planets of Hydephiilo
Battleship MG10 (3rd) Derdts Hoshiko 2010/06/27 07:30 Colonel Burr Aka Patrolling Hydephiilan planets
Battleship MG10 (4th) Yornts Diktao 2011/03/02 17:52 Colonel Arma Nu Hyperspacing to The Appearence (until 2011/04/04 17:00 EST)
Battleship MG10 (5th) Drits Hoshiko 2011/03/15 17:55 Colonel Sho Ki Patroller
Battleship MG10 (6th) Qits Hoshiko 2011/03/15 17:55 Colonel Minun Fa(j)ya Patroller Hyperspacing to The Appearence (until 2011/04/04 17:00 EST)
Battleship MG10 (7th) Anonts Daiylama 2011/03/15 17:55 Colonel Lohtus Explorer
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Gammetan Civilization
Hydephiilan Senate

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