This list of gammetan defense contractors includes all companies that have ever been defense contractors for the Gammetan Civilization. It is split in to current and previous contractors. A defense contractor, of which any company may be deemed so by the government, is bound by rules set out in a Gammetan bill as of 2010. The government usually only classifies those who design assets for the military as defense contractors, as opposed to those who just manufacture parts.

Current defense contractors Edit

Name Founded* Subsidiary of Designs
ADR 2010/06/15 None Sensors, targeting, navigation, computers
Advanced Industrial Mech 2010/06/10 None Missiles
AG-F 2009/12/24 None Sensors, targeting, navigation, computers
Artegon Shieldware 2010/04/06 None Shields
Crystal Computing 2009/11/09 None Computers
Enthusia Industrial Estates 2011/08/29 None Navigation, power
Gatalon Industries 2009/11/09 None Gatalon Photon Cannons
Geo Computuing Industries 2010/03/05 None Communication
Gralage Advanced Productions 2010/01/10 None Vessels
Greyall Protus Productions 2010/07/09 None Vehicles, medium- and heavy-duty weaponry, communication
HelAux 2009/11/09 None Craft
Iona Engines 2009/11/09 None Engines
JamTek 2010/06/12 None Craft, armor, computers, power, engines
  • Propulsion
Kao'al Gor 2011/04/01 Teranox Craft, vehicles
Korto Science Works 2009/11/09 None Armor, computers, artificial intelligence, droids
Litun Warehouses 2010/02/24 None Escapes pods, docking hooks, docking clamps
Magnu 2009/12/20 None Shields, communication
Maitland Corporation 2010/02/15 None Vessels
Mechal Production Industries 2009/11/09 None Vessels, craft, navigation
MicellCo Works 2010/06/07 None Light-duty weaponry
Military-staged Advanced Tracking Weaponry Industries 2010/04/07 None Targeting
Navo Works 2011/06/16 None Communication
Plekon Ship Works 2009/11/09 None Vessels
Throxia National Design 2011/08/05 None Vehicles, medium- and heavy-duty weaponry
Teranox 2010/05 None Vessels
Tomat DY 2009/11/09 None Vessels
Ion Corporation 2009/11/08 None Engines

* Founded refers to when the company was first classified as a defense contractor by the government.

Former Edit

Name Founded* Fate Date Designed
Ballo 2009/11/04 Merged in to Crystal Computing 2010/01/05 Computers
Contaped Vessel Productions 2010/02/09 Merged in to Gralage Advanced Production 2010/03/25 Vessels
Deino Construction Sites 2011/06/10  ?  ? Sensors, targeting, navigation
GR-E 2009/10/29 Merged in to Greto Vehicles 2010/07/13 Sensors, targeting, navigation, communication, computers
Juxta Designs 2010/10/04 Bankrupt. Assets sold to JamTek 2010/10/17 Craft
Hi-Tonn Craft Creations 2010/06/04 Bankrupt. Assets sold to Mechal Production Industries 2011/02/24 Craft
Danga Corporation 2011/05/26 Merged in to Mechal Production Industries 2011/08/14 Craft

* Founded refers to when the company was first classified as a defense contractor by the government.

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