Lisianti Empire

02/10/2008 +

Flag of the Lisianti Empire
Flag of Lisianti
Location of Lisianti
Other titles

Lisianti Empire

Official name

Lisianti Empire of Lisianti

Short name Lisianti



Galactic Basic Standard

Population 16,768,483,174
Capital planet


Controlled planets
  • Lisianti
  • Lisianti Unnamed Colony



Semi-constitutional monarchy


Socialist Left Winged




Lisianti Ground Army


Lisianti Space Navy

Eras Creation Era
- Reformation Day 02/10/2008


Lisianti RepublicEdit

Before the Reformation, the Lisianti Republic was a golden example of democracy working perfectly. The Senate helped the public at large, eventually bringing social and political reforms. They funded the first space mission to a planet, which is still unnamed to this day. As the small journeys progressed, the attracted the attention of a few other Appearance civilizations, which brought new technology to the civilization. Eventually, they were able to achieve hyperdrive travel.


As time progressed, the republic became corrupt, decadent. The public wanted order and stability, not the slowness of the Senate which was tied up in political arguments.


The Lisianti Empire managed to give reforms out immediately, rather than waiting in the Senate. To this day, public opinion of the Empire remains high.


Post Reformation, the Government became a constitutional empire. If the Emperor ever becomes corrupt in power, the Lisianti Senate has the power to remove him from government.

Office of the EmperorEdit

The Emperor's Office controls most of what occurs in the Lisianti Empire. It has the ability to increase or lower taxes, declare war, fund projects, and do as it pleases. For the sake of checks and balances, the Lisianti Senate can never be dissolved, and it can vote to remove the Emperor with a 75% of the Senate in agreement.

Lisianti SenateEdit

The Senate is limited in its powers, but it can vote to remove the Emperor. The Senators are elected by the people of the Empire to represent their districts.

Lisianti CourtsEdit

The Court Systems are the typical judicial branches. If the Emperor is voted out, then he is brought before the Courts to see if charges should be filed due to negligence of his power. If there was no wrong doings in his power, he can be reinstated by the Courts after a general public vote. If the population agrees to reinstate him, he goes back into power.


The Lisianti follow a working culture. They are constantly working to improve their civilization, whether it be by building or other means of work.

Health of Planet and 2010 QuarantineEdit

In 2010, the planet of Lisianti was placed under a galactic quarantine after a deadly strain of virus run rampantly all throughout the planet. The population was severely damaged. The origins of the disease are likely from the Ichiri Invaders, who attacked and took over the Lisianti Empire during the Second Appearance-Ichiri war.

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