Korto Konstructor

Korto Science Designing Works


Konstructor Droid

Units retired

Not yet

Length 1.5m
Width 1m
Height 1m

None; too small.

Hull 2: Trinium & Turbium


Targeting system


Other systems







No Krew for the Korto Constructor Drones.

– A Korto Konstructor just before using it's trusty Defibrillator
Korto Konstructors (Alternative prefixes, suffixes were Droid, Konstructor, Drone, Korto etc.) were hovering construction drones designed by Korto Science Designing Works used by
Flag of the Gammetan Civilization Gammeta
. Their cousins, the Aeriel Korto Konstructors, have pilots in them, and Korto Konstructor Drones which were unmanned. They karried a Defibrillator. If it was recharging they would say "I'm recharging", other wise they would say "Klear!" when they used it. After reviving someone, the Korto Konstructor would say "You're all right, now take it to them!" or "You're alright, now take it to them!".


Designations for each different Korto Konstructor. Each droid starts with a letter, a number, then a dash, then 3 numbers. E.g.: B4-520. The 3rd number is usually said singularly, then the third and fourth together. E.g.: "Bee four - five twenty".


There are a wide range features on the Konstructor Droid, in order to satisfy it's name.

Konstructor HandsEdit

The first, and most important, being it's mechanized hands. There are three of these, all stored in different compartments. They were used if an external panel's wire was unplugged or something. The droid would be able to use the mechanical arms to fix the problem.

Electro Buzzer thingEdit

This tool extended from a compartment on the Konstructor droid. It is used to emit and electrical charge from up to 2 meters away. It's primary use was for construction, but another key use was for defense. If droids came and attacked the outer hull of a ship, then the Konstructor droids would be able to fend them off by emiting electrical charged to it, disabling them or better yet destroying.

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