The Appearence

Galactic region

Arm 3

Solar system

Ladda System


1 sun Juru

Prominent cities

1 Giai-Capitol




Giant Lizards for transportation

Kitoni is a Jungle world with a Desert replacing the Equator, there are Facilities somewhat littering the Jungles of Kitoni. The capital City, Giai, is where the Leader of Kitonian Armies, and founder of the planet, Kit Fisto is most of the time. Each Facility has a sheild genorator that protects the planet from bonbardment, and orbitol fleet is stationed outside the stmostphere of Kitoni, also sheilded. The Weapons Of the Army are very powerful and light, espacially those of the Master Gaurds and the Peace Keepers, the technology in witch these weapons of Mass Destroction is unknown. Also, the people right giant lizards when travelling. These beasts are very fast, vertile and have claws cabable of climbing steep mountains

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