The child of a smuggling ship's a cleaning crew member, Kara has rarely lived long on any planets. Her father is (at present) unknown, and she followed in her mother's crews' footsteps of piracy. Despite ocassionally having a crew, she usually worked by herself, tricking other ships into docking with hers. She managed this by claiming she was low on supplies and/or fuel. As a result, while she was considered minor by most authorities, there is a meagre bounty of around 900 standard creditial units on her being captured alive. She at present is using an unnamed shuttle from the Radiant Dawn.

She commonly can be found in space, correction: she -could- until her ship crashed for (for now) unknown reasons.
She is a humanoid female with dark hair. Her own attitude is very gritty. Kara's themesong (at present)

There is a possiblity Wolf will be including Kara in his new plot-arc.

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