Kandan Republic

09/20/1780 +

Flag of the Kandan Republic
Flag of Kandan
Location of Kandan
Other titles

Kandan Republic

Short name Kandan

Galactic Basic Standard

Population 42,834,591,399
Capital planet

Kandan Prime

Controlled planets
  • Kandan Prime
  • Kandan II
  • Kandan III
  • Kandan IV



Confederal democratic presidential republic

– President Han Soan 10/30/1708 — 02/20/1716
– President Sino Calour 03/30/2009 +



Kandan Credit

Eras Creation Era

The Kandan Republic is a civilization in The Appearence Galaxy. It currently has a population of about thirty-eight billion, and owns four terrestrial planets.


The Kandan Government is split into two factions, the Executive Branch and the Legislative Branch.

Executive BranchEdit

The Chief of State is the President; he is also the Commander in Chief of the Army and Leader of the Republic. His term lasts for eight years, after which he cannot be reelected. The President can declare war, raise or lower taxes, overturn a legal decision by the Legislative Branch, and can remove members of the Regional Congresses but not the Grand Congress.

Legislative BranchEdit

The Legislative Branch is split into two different branches itself. The Grand Congress makes laws and approves laws from the Regional Congress. The Regional Congresses are in every state (there are 20 states on each planet) and make laws and hear court cases. There are 200 members of both Congresses. Only one congressman is required to hear a court case. There are 200 Grand Congressmen, and 16,000 members of the Regional Congress.


The Kandan Republic has a modest military, due to their isolationist nature. They of course have an Army, Air Force, and Space Navy, although not much funding goes there.


The Kandans are peaceful by nature, but also staunch isolationists. They are not members of the Capita Council and prefer not to be involved in the problems of the rest of the galaxy. They have closed borders, but they accept outsiders who are hurt or injured due to their peaceful attitude.

Planets OwnedEdit

The Kandans own four planets, Kandan Prime, Kandan II, Kandan III, and Kandan IV.

First Contact and DiplomacyEdit

The Kandans were first contacted in March of 2011. They are currently apathetic to all problems and issues in The Appearence, and maintain a neutral nature.


Like most known civilizations in The Appearence, the Kandans are members of the Bion Federation's Trade Route Consortium. They export various items and import items not found on their planet.

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