The Kada Navy is the branch of the Kada Military that comprises of space-capable vessels, their complements, and other naval assets.

Weaponary Edit

The Kada Navy uses, primarily, laser cannons, which primarioly are purposefully colored red, the national color. Any non-physical damage lasers, such as anti-shield or ones containing droid swarms, are colored dark blue. They will often use big turrets which fire from within the ship, but have a wide fire degree relative to normal in-vessel cannons. For ship-to-craft, a unique "spray" cannon is used, where a lot of small, weak, semi-transparent lasers are fired in the general direction of craft. They are attracted to their targets, making up for their increadible muzzle inaccuracy.

Vessel inventory Edit

Vessel Role Anti In service Notes
Wedge-class Supercarrier Supercarrier Anti-craft 6 Prototype
Core-class Battle Carrier Carrier Anti-small 19
Cyreb-class Dreadnaught Dreadnaught Anti-BB 13
Honor-class Battleship Battleship Anti-cruiser 24
LOW Cruiser Cruiser Anti-BB 61
4YU Generaleer Frigate Anti-small 34
4AU Depatch Destroyer Anti-BB 19 Prototype
AAW Shortnox Destroyer Anti-air 29
5OL Runner Corvette Anti-≥cruiser Prototype, missile-heavy

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