The Kada Air Force is the branch of the Kada Military that comprises primarily of craft independant from space vessels, which are moved about primarily through space-transports and hyperspace nodes.

Craft inventory Edit

Craft Role In service Notes
StabFooter Bu-33 Attack craft 24,000
Double Br-42 Bomber 9,220
Ista X-2 Close support bomber 3,211 Uses experimental phase teleporting technology (EPTT) (unstable)
MP5 De Gunship 21,500
MP5 Ex Gunship 3,500 Long-range AA support
StabFooter F63 Interceptor 17,200
StabFooter F66 Interceptor 1,410 Prototype, uses EPTT and experimental high-power AA beams
Gregger 420 Reconnaissance 1,340 Uses EPTT

Logistics Edit

The craft use two modes of transport: The BX-Keller transport ship, capable of housing and directly transporting around 200 craft; and hyperspace nodes, where two modules must be at either end of the hyperspace route, and the craft is hyperspaced using said modules (rather than a system local to the craft). Hyperspace nodes take around a week to fully deploy, however there are some relatively developed designs that can take up to a few minutes.

For supplies, craft use the TT2 Liner, a space-capable vessel which transmits energy beams capable of transporting fuel in to the ship within 200 meters. Each Liner can fire thirty beams simultaneously, which fit any craft. Refueling takes around 4 minutes, in which time craft will usually patrol around the area of the liner. They are bulky, however quite an easy target if not well protected. For physical ammunition, repairs, or much quicker refueling (under 30 seconds), there are 5 fueling docks on the exterior of the ship. The exterior docks can only handle minor repairs, though. The bulkiness comes from the interior compartments, where craft parts can be replaced in mere minutes. A fully equipt Liner can replace anywhere from 150 (increadible minor parts) to 5 craft per hour, making it increadible efficienct.

Experimental phase teleporting technology Edit

Some craft use phase teleporting technology which has been under development in secret for the past 24 years. A semi-leaked design in late 2009 introduced the Trade Emergency Coalition briefly to the technology, but they cannot implement the prototype in to combat technology properly. The Kada Empire, however, has implemented it as a teleporting technology, used for quick transport, withdrawals, and confusing the opposition. Upon initiating the technology, the craft would glow a barely noticable turqoise for about 10 seconds, the time it takes for the technology to charge, after which a loud, high-pitched, croaky noise would charge up, and the craft would appear, falsely, to quickly teleport around a 300 meter radius multiple times within the approximate second before being properly teleported to anywhere within an approximate 20 kilometer radius.

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