The Joint Exploration Unit is a bi-government controlled military exploration unit founded by both the BlyDonians and the Bion Federation. Both governments have contributed ships to the Unit, and they serve to explore, take samples, and greet foreign life.


The Joint Exploration Unit was founded following the increasing of diplomatic relations between the two nations. Both governments strongly approved of the idea. The Unit was mostly secretive, but only because it was not interesting enough to make it to the top of the headlines.

June 14th, 2011 DiscoveryEdit

While billions of lightyears from The Appearence Galaxy, the BDN Inquisitive discovered a small four meter long probe heading for the Appearence. It estimated it would arrive at the Appearence in 79 hours after the message was received by JEU Command, and adjusted the number for the amount of time it would take for the message to arrive at the Appearence. Therefor, the probe is 79 hours away from the Appearence. Bly, the leader of the BlyDonian Civilization and the new co-chairman of the Capita Council, has called an emergency meeting to be held on June 15th, 2011, on BlyDonia Prime.

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