Janka II

The Appearence

Galactic region


Galactic sector


Solar system

Janka System

Natural satellites








Percent: Water


Percent: Land


Percent: Ice


Primary species


Flag of the Jankan Empire Jankan Empire
Population 11,812,084,210

Galactic Basic Standard

Gross Domestic Produce


Capital planet of
Flag of the Jankan Empire Jankan Empire
Capital city


Janka II is a planet in the Janka System, Meindus, the core of the Appearence. It was the capital, largest and founding planet of its namesake, the Jankan Empire, but as of May 2013, is administrated by a interim oligarchy comprised of members of the Order of Nations for Peace, who invaded and conquered the planet as part of the Liberalism war. It houses 11 billion of the former Jankan Empire's 19 billion population.

The planet's capital city, Tuathali, houses the Imperial Palace the administrative center of the former civilization. It's a serene world that often experiences ion storms, disrupting many modern technologies. Nevertheless, despite their handicap the Jankan people managed to develop from at least industrial age technology to space age, and build an empire, but a result of the disruptions means that a large amount of population and businesses reside in orbit above the planet, making it one of the busiest planets for space activity.

Janka's civilization was subject to the first attack of the Liberalism war in the form of the Invasion of the Jankan Empire. Janka II was the last planet to be attacked, and the last to fall. The ONP immediately put in place an interim government, headed by one member from each of the member's civilizations, to manage the planet's affairs and oversee the partitioning of its land into conquering civilizations later in 2013. It is suspected Manaki and the Iaondi Republic will get the majority of land and wealth, as they were the two major players in the invasion of the planet.

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