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A JamTek Repulsor System, JTRS, or just a repulsor, was a JamTek-designed anti-gravity module capable of leviating, or in this case, moving an object. They also worked in space thanks to a JamTek breakthrough that got the company started. Variants, depending on the module power input and size, were capable of acting on objects as big as planets and as small as grains of sand. Throughout 2010, the military adopted more and more of this techology onto it's craft. It also funded JamTek in order to research into them more. The most notable craf that uses them is the HelAux GT2, in which JamTek had a considerable part in the technological part. If they worked in coalition with JamTek Fluster Engines, or any fluster engines, they significantly increased maneuverability.


There are sevral types of JamTek Repulsor Systems, which are designed for different things.

Neural-controlled Personal RepulsorEdit

Neural-controlled Personal Repulsors, which are currently being researched into by JamTek, are small implants that would be inserted and connected to the brain of a human. They're being funded by the Government, not by the Military. JamTek hopes to achieve a process which mimics Telekinetic abilities whereby the person thinks to move something, and it moves. The problem currently is not being able to move things, it's being able to control what they move with their mind. Gammetan research into neurality has not been previously explored much.

Craft variantEdit

Craft variants were modules placed near the center of the craft. They were able to move the ship using none-visible energy. Current variants, of craft, include:

  • Light or "LC"—for small objects, such as Korto Konstructors
  • Medium or "MC"—Bigger than Light, smaller than Heavy...
  • Heavy or "HC"—Generally used on things like HelAux GT2s, but if no other or little other engines are used. Max size is about 30x30x30m

Ship VariantsEdit

Were available, but will not be expanded on.

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