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Invasion of the Jankan Empire
Part of Liberalism war
Date August 17, 2012May 29, 2012
(9 months and 12 days)
Ending date May 29, 2012
Flag of the Jankan Empire Jankan Empire
Outcome ONP victory:

Order of Nations for Peace:

Flag of the Jankan Empire Jankan Empire

The invasion of the Jankan Empire was the Order of Nations for Peace's first move during the Liberalism war. It began with an attack of the Jankan Empire's defensive field at 326.01°/5825 ly, between it and Manaki's territory, followed by the invasion of all three of Janka's planet progressively, and ended with the Jankan administration's surrender on May 29, 2013.

The operations were headed by Manaki, the Kandan Republic and the Iaondi Republic, with Atalant playing a supporting role. The Jankan Empire was alone in its defense: Trade Emergency Coalition forces were occupied with the Invasion of Manaki, the Bazania and Fzanti empires were invading Nona, and the Qanti Empire was defending itself against Lunor and the Zubada Republic.

Nakar IV was annexed completely by the Kandan Republic in March 2013, whereas Janka II after its defeat in May was placed under interim administration by an oligarchy composed of the six ONP members, later to be partitioned according to the level of contribution in the invasion. Manaki and the Iaondi Republic played the biggest roles in the invasion, and are thus expected to gain the majority of control.

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