1842 +

Flag of Intia
Flag of Intia
Location of Intia
Official name

Intian Inter-Planetary Union

Short name Intia


Population 4,472,931,507
Capital planet


Capital city


Controlled planets

Democratic, constitutional republic

– Judin Irexa () +

Free market (30% right)

Intia is a democratic, two-planet civilizations in the galactically southern core of the Appearence. Although not included officially in the Hondrum Sireoss national scale, it is often considered a small power due to its relatively sparse resources, small population and the prominence of other small power civilizaitons surrounding it.

It is headed by President Judin Irexa, who supported the Risuk Trade Federation in their war effort against Orin financially.

Intia trades among its two planets, Kisim and Dasala, with exports/imports including food resources and strategic materials. Dasala contains a large resource for fuel, and exports that among other planets not part of Intia, in return for other materials or finances.

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