International relations is the study of the relationship between two states, groups of states, states and inter-governmental organizations, or two inter-governmental organizations. It is of high priority to governments in the core of the Appearence galaxy due to high integration and dense trade. Many inter-governmental organizations have been formed since the beginning of the true integration era – beginning in late 2009.

Spheres of influence Edit

Map-Appearence-spheres of influence

A map of the Appearence showing the spheres of influence.

Flag of the BlyDonian Civilization
Flag of Orin
Flag of the Fzanti Empire
Flag of the Kada Empire
Flag of Risuk
Flag of the Gammetan Civilization
Flag of the Trade Emergency Coalition
Flag of Manaki

Currently, there is an unofficial structure to the formation of alliances resulting in international relations: It can clearly be seen that there is either (1) a parent civilization and its sphere of influence civilizations, following its lead or (2) a group of mutual civilizations, that may or may not have a joint sphere of influence.

Current lead civilizations, and their spheres of influence.

Coalitions Edit

Currently, there are six international coalitions: The Capita Council, aiming to maintain galactic peace and serve as a forum for international relations; the Appearence Imperial League, a economical, political and military alliance between major imperial powers in the core; the Order of Nations for Peace, a military alliance between notably democratic, liberal civilizations; the Economic League, an economic alliance; the Badigua Alliance, a military alliance for nations considered under the Gammetan Civilization's sphere of influence; and the Alliance of Neutral Civilizations, a military alliance between neutral civilizations in the Liberalism war

Alliance of Neutral CivilizationBadigua AllianceOrder of Nations for PeaceEconomic LeagueEconomic LeagueAppearence Imperial LeagueCapita Council

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