The Army of The Empire of Drakonia. Originally comprised entirely of Automata, it was reorganized during the Drakonian-Ichiri war and is now a mix of humans and automata, with the latter making up the majority.


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Anthem: [1]


All human personnel wear combat gear at all times. Dress uniform is simply a fancier coat, ceremonial sword, and less armor/gear. Equipment can be sealed for fighting in toxic and/or dirty environments. Everything is usually dark grey or black.

  • Helmet, kind of Wehrmacht-looking with a bit of Roman centurion.
  • One-piece goggles (resembling ski/snowboard goggles) with a heads-up display (round counter, maps, etc).
  • Gas mask (removable, covers lower half of the face)
  • Trench coat, with durable lining and pockets for gear. Officers' coats have bronze epaulets. Normally dark grey like the rest of the uniform, but can sometimes be seen in camouflage patterns.
  • Armored jacket, often worn under additional body armor. Can be fitted with liquid cooling to improve capabilities in hot environments.
  • Black undershirt, other undergarments worn underneath as required.
  • Armored pants, can be supplemented with additional armor and storage capacity.
  • Metal-reinforced boots, acid/heat/etc resistant*. Pants go over the boots, and seal to them with hidden magnets.
  • "Leather" gloves with reinforced palms and built-in brass knuckles.

Ammo, provisions, life support gear, survival equipment, and the like are all carried but vary based on need.

Note: Boots will not protect you against land mines.


The Imperial Terrestrial Army uses 2 main philosophies of battle.

  • Open Combat: on large fields, tundras, or deserts, the ITA uses large numbers of tanks at a breakneck pace to smash through enemy formations. Because of the speed of the attack, infantry and artillery aren't used for their slowness; instead fire support is exclusively done via helijets, strike craft, and the occasional orbital bombardment.
  • Close combat: The above tactic doesn't work well in cities, towns, or mountainous terrain. Instead, large amounts of infantry and artillery slowly make their way through the area. Tanks drive down roads and walkers step on houses, and large amounts of gas and neuropoisons fill the air. Most buildings or enemy structures are leveled by artillery, and often times the city is set on fire because why the hell not.

Infantry OrganizationEdit

  • Fireteam- 5 soldiers
  • Squad- 2 fireteams
  • Company- 3 squads
  • Platoon- 3 companies
  • Battalion- 4 Platoons
  • Regiment- 2-3 battalions
  • Brigade- 2-3 regiments
  • Division- 3-4 brigades
  • Corps- 2-4 divisions
  • Army- 2-3 Corps (Corpses?)

Armored OrganizationEdit

  • Company- 3 ACVs and support vehicles
  • Squadron- 2-4 companies
  • Battalion- 5-6 squadrons
  • Regiment- 2-3 battalions
  • Brigade- 2-3 regiments
  • Division( Is made up of tanks, artillery, AA, supply, engineers, attached helos)- 3-4 Brigades

Drakonian military
Imperial Celestial Navy
Imperial Terrestrial Army

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