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The best of the best of the best. These are divided into smaller categories, with differing roles.

Storm TroopersEdit

See Imperial Storm Trooper Corps. Storm Troopers are equipped with power armor and heavy weapons, and are further divided based on the type of armor equipped. They serve as the focal point of a defense or the tip of an offensive attack, since each individual soldier is equivalent to a platoon of normal troops.


Commandos are a specialized branch of the army, with a focus on combat engineering and urban warfare. They conduct operations behind enemy lines, most commonly demolition of key objectives like bridges and supply depots. They also function well in cities, being able to destroy or repair infrastructure and buildings to aid other troops. Often integrated into regular Army units, commando teams fight as infantry or operate combat engineering vehicles. Besides the usual training all army personnel receive, commandos are trained in use of explosives, military construction, and demolition.


The Empire usually lacks subtlety, especially in warfare, but maintains a small force of experts for clandestine work. Assassins are trained to fight with anything from their bare hands to fusion bombs, infiltrate and move through enemy territory, and assist regular and secret police units in finding enemy spies. To ensure that assassins can move and hide silently and can remain perfectly still while lining up a shot, their organs are replaced with mechanical equivalents. Other surgical procedures such as plastic surgery and muscle enhancement are common.

The ThirtyEdit

An elite group of bodyguards for the current emperor or empress, the Thirty are 30 (you guessed it) of the best and most loyal soldiers in the Empire. Selected after years of service as Storm Troopers, they wear jet-black Praetorian armor covered in Imperial heraldry. They mainly go wherever the current monarch happens to be, while a few remain in the Imperial Palace to oversee security.

Drakonian military
Imperial Celestial Navy
Imperial Terrestrial Army

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